Friday, October 21, 2011

San Diego: TRULY a vacation!

For my 35th birthday, I decided it was finally time to get away and have a relaxing break with Jason, a REAL vacation where I won't come home NEEDING a vacation.  So, (ok, don't laugh now...) we took just the 2 older boys and headed to San Diego.

Our first stop? The beach of course!  Just steps from our resort.

Here's the panoramic view from our room.  And the boys entertaining themselves.  "Hotel" rules are different than "house" rules.

Strolling along Mission Bay after breakfast the next day.  The tall building is our hotel in the background.

We stopped every 5 steps because there were so many "good spots" to build a sand castle or volcano!

Resort Pool

Coronado Beach - beautiful!

At the marketplace, there was an art gallery that had a Dr. Seuss exhibit.  Very cool!

We watched the sunset on the beach on our last night there.

Fall of 2011

It has been 2 months since Carter started karate.  What a change we have noticed!  He started out timid, just watching from the bench the first few weeks, now he loves going to classes and his ability to focus is pretty good for a 4 year-old boy!

Easton on his glider for one of our last rides this year until the sun returns....

At Boulevard Park

First day of class at gymnastics preschool.

Easton at his first day of playschool! 

Our last playdate at the Colson's.

Beckett helping us pack.

Becks is prepared for winter!

Becks and I get just 2 hours of "alone" time a week, which we usually spend jogging together.

Easton got caught stuffing Pirate booties in his cup!

Our home-made apple pie.  I have to admit I do NOT enjoy making fact, I don't like being in the kitchen much at all.  Oh, except to eat of course.

Easton at Playgroup

Beckett caught, pants down, in the snack bag.  Really?  Already??

Mini version of daddy, except that daddy's "drink" is usually in a glass bottle.....

Er.............Jason took this one, not sure the story behind this one....

This one's a monkey!  (that's Carter BTW)

A trip to the Apple Farm!

Carter's first graduation: up to Camo White belt.

Showing off his moves.  We are so proud of Carter, what a transformation from his first class!

Again, Jason will have to comment on this one!

What started out as a hug.....

ended in a wrestling match.  I will think twice next time before asking the boys to put their arms around each other for a photo.

If we're at Bellis Fair, chances are you'll find Easton and I here (and at Clifford the Dog Ride)

My kids are walking advertisements??

Hold ON!!!  Are they all looking at the camera?  AND smiling??  Must've been bribed....

This guy always has to be holding one in either hand to nap.

Beckett's first time eating rice by himself.  Boy did it stick, everywhere!

Me and six boys!!

At Woodland Park Zoo.  We spent more time eating then actually looking at the animals.  This is the first time I actually had to tell my kids to stop eating!!

Monkeying around.

Hey, I think I actually did my hair that day.  Hehe, first time in years??

I think Easton is imitating Carter who was pouting or crying at that moment.

Carter caught on camera being a goof during karate class.